[CQ-Contest] All the Assisted ops, where do they all come from?

KU7Y ku7y.cw at gmail.com
Sun May 22 16:50:00 EDT 2016

> > and even if he didn't call CQ, he would get spotted in a flash. Would
> > really then consider him assisted? .
> Definitely! Because of him getting spotted he can make many more QSOs
> than us average Joe's in DL, W, PY, etc. If that isn't changing the game
> then I don't know ... ;-)

He should be DQed because someone spotted him? (Isn't claiming unassisted
when using assistance grounds for a DQ?)

That's such a ridicules idea that it can't be anything but a joke.  Right?

OK, back in my hole,

Ron, KU7Y
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Northern California Contest Club
Silver Springs, NV
ku7y at qsl.net

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