[CQ-Contest] All the Assisted ops, where do they all come from?

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Mon May 23 13:43:54 EDT 2016

Hi Zack,

> My opinion FWIW: It depends on whether he ASKED to be spotted or not.

Does not make a difference, see below.

> Stations that are assisted in the contest can spot whoever they wish; they
> have no idea of what category the station they are spotting is entering,
> and they do it of their own free will.

Sure. Nonetheless it *is* helping the spotted station. Isn't that 
assistance, too? ;-)

> Now, if the other station ASKED to
> be spotted, that's a whole different slant. I'd put him in the Assisted
> category in that case.

Asking to be spotted is usually against the rules and base for a DQ 
rather than a reclassification (for CQ WW see IX. General Rules, bullet 4).

73, Olli - DH8BQA

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