[CQ-Contest] Convergence and Change

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Thu May 26 13:55:08 EDT 2016

Hi Yuri:

You are proposing a significant rule change.  Some of us believe that software within the station, providing the same information as the packet cluster (other operators and/or remote software) should continue to be excluded in single operator categories.


Mark, KD4D

On May 26, 2016 11:38:27 AM EDT, Yuri Blanarovich <k3bu at optimum.net> wrote:
>Why is it so hard to accept and use sensible definitions of SO and SOA?
>SO - Single Operator - station operated by single, one, operator
>"ASSISTANCE" by SOMEONE ELSE via any means - be in the shack, over 
>internet, phone, ESP, whatever....
>That means NOT someone/something else outside of own shack is gathering
>info on call, frequency, etc. and communicating to Single Operator. 
>Technology in one's own shack is OK, own Skimmer at the QTH is OK. 
>Remote, outside of own QTH "suppliers of call/freq", persons or gadgets
>are assistance by someone else - NOT OK!
>SAO - Single Operator Assisted - station operated by single, one, 
>operator with ASSISTANCE by Someone/Something Else outside of own
>via any means, providing Call/Frequency info.
>Normal people, SO, would do hunting on their own, with own rifle, find 
>the bear and "nail" him. Feels good!
>"Assisted" people SAO would have army of hunters, finding the bear,
>him and then yell: "come, here is the bear, kill him!" Click, gotcha!
>But Hams have a problem figuring what the ASSISTANCE is. Huge 
>discussions about - is the pencil, keyer, computer, etc. assistant?
>Personally, I would like to see the "assistance" by Internet go away or
>be restricted to use. Just like DXing was ruined by nets, list, 
>contesting is being poisoned by Internet spoon feeding Call/Freq. 
>Instead of preserving pure hunting aspect, we get crazy pileups, 
>frequency hogging, unsportsman like behavior, hunting dead bears.
>Don't get me started on "rentastations" - hey, its me, in someone
>Have fun, whatever is left of it!
>73 Yuri, K3BU.us
>da place for conventions, weddings, concerts,...
> On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 10:27 PM, Jack Haverty wrote:
>> So, I'd like to see a split of assisted versus unassisted based on 
>> those observations, with the following basic definitions:
>> Unassisted - a station using technology, of any kind, to communicate 
>> using only ham radio waves.  All communication across the station 
>> boundary (building, 100-meter circle, whatever) must be performed 
>> using ham radio.  Within the station boundary, other forms of 
>> communication may be used.
>> Assisted - a station using technology, of any kind, to communicate
>> only using radio waves, but also using other forms of communications 
>> across the station boundary for whatever purpose the operator wishes.
>> All contact exchanges (whatever that means) must however be 
>> accomplished only by ham radio communications.
>> In other words, Unassisted means you use only ham radio; assisted 
>> means you may use other forms of communications as well.
>> 73,
>> /Jack de K3FIV
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