[CQ-Contest] Self Spotting

Peter Sundberg sm2cew at telia.com
Sun Feb 26 13:09:01 EST 2017

Mike, I am getting pretty tired of your constant plea (rant) for new 
rules that allow everything that the Internet can provide at the cost 
of diminishing RF communication to a mere fraction of the game.

Please, do us a favour - write down and publish your set of rules for 
the perfect contest and go look for a sponsor for it. Sponsors must 
be standing in line waiting for your info as you have so eloquently 
told the world that old style contesting is dead. Especially dead for 
us who prefer the challenge of "unassisted" contesting.

So, it must be time for your type of contesting now, else we're all 
bored to death before long. Go for it, you know what it takes to 
attract people.

When you have found a sponsor for your contest, let us know the dates 
so we can mark them in our almanac. For other activities.

Peter SM2CEW

At 16:33 2017-02-26, W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
>and when there are few contacts to me made or found, people stop 
>looking and do something else.
>On 2/26/2017 10:04 AM, Ed K1EP wrote:
>>"The point of contests should be to make lots of contacts. "
>>Not necessarily. The point for some, is to FIND lots of contacts, 
>>not just make them. Everyone is different. When single op, I don't 
>>use spotting or packet, I prefer the challenge. When at a MM, I 
>>adapt to whatever the setup, but I still turn the knob to find 
>>contacts more than clicking.
>>On Feb 26, 2017 10:49 AM, "W0MU Mike Fatchett" <w0mu at w0mu.com 
>><mailto:w0mu at w0mu.com>> wrote:
>>     I am very surprised that nobody has created a huge multi user
>>     version of DR. DX for the internet.  I would be great fun.  DR. DX
>>     was pretty amazing for the time.  I know there is a modern day
>>     equivalent but it has not been implemented on a large scale where
>>     everyone is tied together, scoreboard, etc.
>>     This is one reason that Ham radio is having problems attracting
>>     and getting people on the air.  You can engage with people all
>>     over the globe very easily and for free.  No huge towers or
>>     investments needed.  Talking to someone in Russian, Germany,
>>     Japan, or wherever is much more common today.  I probably have
>>     more foreign friends on Facebook than I do local.
>>     Radiosport and ham radio are about having fun and learning for
>>     me.  Sitting and calling endless CQ's on RTTY is not fun.  The
>>     point of contests should be to make lots of contacts.  If the
>>     rules are reducing the amount of contacts then we have failed. Are
>>     more contacts made when packet is allowed?  I think so.  NAQP RTTY
>>     last night might be an example.  Packet is discouraged and I
>>     noticed a number of people that were discouraged from the contest
>>     for just that reason.
>>     There is nothing magical, mystical or fantastic about unassisted
>>     anymore.  For me it is something that has become archaic, old and
>>     very much behind the times.  I have a buggy for my draft horse and
>>     it is fun to drive now and then but I much prefer to hop in my
>>     pickup truck to get around town. Many of the rules are difficult
>>     at best to enforce, power, packet, etc and then when the rules are
>>     enforced the decisions of the organizers are criticized when there
>>     has been no real proof provided by either side.
>>     Interesting times we are in.
>>     W0MU
>>     On 2/26/2017 6:21 AM, Ed Sawyer wrote:
>>         Why don't we just skip the radio part and just work each other
>>         in a chat
>>         room.  That would be the fairest right?
>>         Radiosport is ABOUT communicating over the airwaves and
>>         putting what we hear
>>         in the log.  Not about accepting what the bandmap populated
>>         and hitting
>>         enter.  Its also about the technical challenge of producing a
>>         good loud
>>         signal and being able to hear.  Otherwise its essentially
>>         gaming.  There are
>>         lots of outlets for people wanting to game.
>>         I was CQing on 160 last night and had 2 EU stations call me
>>         that clearly
>>         could not hear me but were broadcasting a Q (faking it), from
>>         the spot, to
>>         try and get the Vermont Mult into the log.  I can hear them
>>         with my
>>         beverages no problem.
>>         I personally think Self Spotting is the end of contesting as
>>         we know it and
>>         should NEVER be allowed.
>>         At least with the RBN, a radio does have to pick you up to put
>>         it on the
>>         net.
>>         Until there is an SSB RBN, the effort should be for fairer
>>         spotting.  The
>>         easiest way is for the major contest clubs around the world to
>>         implore their
>>         members to set the "spot all S & P" on their software programs
>>         and for that
>>         to be the default position for programs going forward. How
>>         hard is that?
>>         Ed  N1UR
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