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In The Beginning there were rowboat races, and He saw that it was Good,
because men labored mightily to speed across the wide lakes and oceans that
He had created.

And later, verily, behold that there were sailboat races, and again He saw
that it was Good because men had woven great sails to harness the power of
His  mighty windy breezes.  (Personally He preferred pulling an oar as He
had learned in His youth.)

Then it came to pass in due time that tribes of a far land held motorboat
contests.  He beheld them diligently and found this also worthy of His
blessing because wise and clever men had used their brains to conspire
mechanical means to move faster and farther.  (Even though He personally
could not abide the odor of the noisy machines.)

And the diverse boatmen shared the waters, exuberantly running their
contests in a spirit of harmony and mutual support.

Then rumors were heard in the land that some men had devised a boat which
might sail at great speeds above the waters.

And it was all Good and maidens sang and rejoiced in all the lands

......and there arose a great hew and cry from an Elder Scribe in the Fair
Emerald Kingdom who declared it was all foul blasphemy because “any boat
that left the water, or which moved without an oar was Something Else”.

And there was heard great laughter thereabout and beyond.

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 15:48 Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com> wrote:

> As for "Get on board or be left behind", tell that to the sailboat racers.
> Don't they know mechanical propulsion engines have been around for
> 200 years?
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
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