[CQ-Contest] What's with the power = 0 watts exchange?

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Mon Feb 19 11:16:25 EST 2018

Does it matter what you send vs what class you enter into? Should it?  
Is it in the spirit of the rules to send unexpected data and wrong 
data?   I looked back at our V3M LCR and about 50 people decided that NN 
or 99  = 100 and lost a contact.

The rules state:

4.2. DX stations send signal report and power (number or abbreviation 
indicating approximate transmitter output power).

So I guess we can now rewrite the rules whenever we want for whatever 
personal reasons we have?

I happen to like zorro so now I can send zorro  for power if I travel to 
a DX location?


On 2/19/2018 7:59 AM, john at kk9a.com wrote:
> It has to be tough living with a generator for that long. Congrats to the
> KP4's continuing with their normal lives and getting on the air for the DX
> contest.  I hope that the ARRL accepts the zero power report. FWIW, I have
> received 000 serial numbers in RTTY contests but usually when I question
> it I get a real number.
> John KK9A
> From:	Jim Brown
> Date:	Mon, 19 Feb 2018 00:16:22 -0800
> both NP4Z and NP4G are making statements that commercial power has still
> not been restored in much of Puerto Rico following last year's big storms,
> thus "power is zero".
> 73 de Rusty, W6OAT
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