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Bob Shohet, KQ2M kq2m at kq2m.com
Mon Aug 19 17:50:30 EDT 2019

After fertilizing, it is most important to prune your tower properly.  This is an often overlooked aspect of good tower maintenance.

One should make regular inspections to ensure that the limbs are sturdy and well supported.  This encourages strong and healthy growth.

It goes without saying that any unwanted additions or diseased limbs should be removed as soon as possible lest the tower be compromised.  Also, planting several in a hill usually results in better growth than planting one tower alone.

I have heard that music can act as a powerful growth stimulant, but personally I have found that a steady diet of rare DX is far more effective.   :-)


Bob KQ2M

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In my case all my towers are "organic" in nature and they usually grow about 2' per year depending on rainfall. 2019 was a VERY good year for rain here and the "towers" are fuller than usual and I got an extra foot this year.

This means on average every 5 years or so I get about an extra 10' of height and 1 db of gain.

Of course with an ice storm or very cold winter all bets are off...


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Yes — plenty of fertilizer on 75 meter SSB - especially during daytime.
~ Alan K0AV

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 12:39 PM Carol Richards <n2mm at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been meticulously watering my 50 foot Rohn tower for 35 years and
> it just doesn't grow. Can anyone suggest a good fertilizer for it?
> Carol

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