[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX Rules

Dennis Egan egan.dennis88 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 12:47:34 EST 2019

I also read the N4ZR posting this morning.  It really requires more than a
simple reworking of the score allocation section.

The stated multi-op took place in Maryland.  The last time I checked,
Maryland was not in the YCCC territory, but I'm going to guess that all of
Maryland is in PVRC territory.  Based upon that and ARRL General Contest
Rules section 8.5.2, the score can't go to the YCCC under any conditions.
If the station is in PVRC territory, the score could go to PVRC.

Several years ago, I went to Nova Scotia and scored well in an ARRL DX
contest.  Since Nova Scotia is outside YCCC territory, YCCC did not get
credit for the score.

This doesn't mean the question is invalid (and it isn't), its just that
this is a bad example.  But changing the rules to allow this operation to
be credited to the YCCC can't be done just by changing one rule.

Dennis W1UE/HQ9X

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