[CQ-Contest] Rules - 66th Annual Poisson d'Avril Contest

Jack Parker vhfplus at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 13:52:09 EDT 2020

 While reading your e-mail I decided to fire up an appropriate song: "Too
Much Time on My Hands"  by Styx. :>)

On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 12:17 PM Doug Grant <dougk1dg at gmail.com> wrote:

> This year’s rules have been adjusted to accommodate the coronavirus
> situation.
> II. Contest. Period.
> 0000 - 2359Z April 1, 2020 (those over 60 years of age - oh, wait…that’s
> almost all of us - may start one hour earlier to prevent exposure to
> virus-carrying young lids). You may take an off-time to watch the daily
> coronavirus briefing but only if Doctors Fauci and/or Birx are speaking.
> Off-times to wash your hands must be at least 20 seconds long.
> You may also take time off to operate the CWT-mini-contests since the Pd’A
> falls on a Wednesday this year. They’re only an hour long and they are on
> CW, which is a Good Thing. Bonus points if you work K1DG in lieu of sending
> a card.
> All bands, all modes. FT8 and FT4 losing their appeal? How about FT2? Or go
> the other way, maybe all the way to FT101! NC0B says it has a pretty good
> receiver (the new “D” version, not the old “E” and “EE” versions from the
> 70s).
> In keeping with social distancing guidelines, all stations must be spaced
> at least 6 kHz apart (600 Hz on CW) and no more than 10 stations may answer
> a CQing station.
> If someone tries to take over your frequency, send his call to Pd'A HQ. We
> will take care of the problem. We know a guy.
> A. Traditional
> The Traditional category is based on the legacy operating modes and
> sub-categories of single-op, multi-single, multi-2, and multi-multi, using
> human operators operating conventional radios on the amateur bands, and
> stations consisting of equipment and antennas located within a 500-meter
> (1640.42 feet) radius.
> Single-op stations must enter as SO2R, and must use exactly two radios. The
> counting of the radios shall be two, and two shall be the counting of the
> radios. Three radios shalt thou not use. Four is right out. OK...mutants
> like KL9A and N6MJ can use 4...two on CW and two on SSB, Now there's a
> challenge.
> Use one callsign at one station for the period of the contest. Period.
> Operators at multi-op stations must wear masks and full PPE, sit least 6
> feet apart and not share microphones, headsets, keyboards, paddles or
> anything else  unless they are remote, in which case they must also wear
> masks and PPE and provide real-time video streaming to prove compliance
> B. Epic Overlay
> You may enter this new category if you believe that your operation will be
> truly astounding, a game-changer, head-turner, new paradigm, or potentially
> C. Classy Overlay
> Operators entering this category must be polite at all times. Say please if
> you need a repeat on an exchange, for example, and thank-you for every QSO.
> And give up your frequency if someone asks nicely.
> You may also say “please copy”, but never ever say it in a real contest.
> Ever.
> Classy operators are expected to be well-groomed and properly attired
> (jacket and tie for gentlemen, knee-length dresses and tasteful jewelry for
> the ladies). Correct posture and etiquette are essential.
> D. Part-time
> We understand that sheltering-in-place requires that you get caught up on
> all those little projects around the house you’ve been putting off for
> like, forever. This may limit your operating time. No problem. You may
> submit a projected score by dividing your score by the number of hours
> operated, then multiplying by 24. Oh, wait. That means if you operate zero
> hours, your score is infinite. Hmmm. Maybe this is not such a good idea.
> It’s just the hydroxychloroquine talking.
> E. Anything goes
> Use multiple operators at multiple locations using multiple stations.
> Live-stream, call CQ on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitch, Skype, Zoom,  QSOGet,
>  or any other social media channel (we made up “QSOGet”, so don’t go
> looking for it - but if you create such a thing, contact us for
> name-licensing terms).
> Signal reports must be 59 or 599 and serial number (which must be 42, since
> that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything). On FT4/8, a QSO
> is complete if you call the other station, even if he does not answer.
> After all, you already know his grid square and you sent yours, so that
> ought to be enough. If he didn’t copy it, it’s his problem, right? (That
> grinding sound you hear is W0YK gnashing his teeth.)
> You may choose what to count as multipliers...countries, counties, zones,
> planets, states of matter, prefixes, suffixes, we don't care. Total
> multipliers should not exceed the number of QSOs - it messes with the
> log-checking software. Make the job hard for the log checkers and we take
> no responsibility for the consequences. Could get ugly. They know a guy.
> If you test positive for coronavirus exposure, please self-quarantine for
> 14 days so you don’t become a virus multiplier.
> There is no point. Only a counterpoint. Or is it a counterpoise? And if so,
> is it folded? My head hurts...or is it Hertz? But no fever or dry cough so
> I guess we’re good.
> All stations: the final score is the result of the total QSO points
> multiplied by the multipliers times the Pd'A Correction factor (0 for all
> stations, 42 for K1DG).
> The overall winner in each category will get an 8-pack of Charmin toilet
> paper (nothing but the best!), one N95 face mask, and a bottle of hand
> sanitizer.
> X. TEN:
> Not this year. Sorry.
> We insist that logs be submitted electronically somewhere. Postings to
> CQ-Contest, 3830, or any other reflector count as log submissions. Post
> your score somewhere, we'll find it. Really. We have nothing better to do
> than chase your important log now that we are in self-quarantine. And make
> sure you scan your log for viruses when you upload it. If you have to send
> a paper log, please sanitize the log first.
> Failure to observe the guidelines on social distancing, self-quarantine,
> and avoiding large groups will be grounds for disqualification. Same for
> hoarding toilet paper and hand-sanitizer. Actions and decisions of the
> Poisson d'Avril Contest Committee are arbitrary and unlikely. And we know a
> guy.
> The Committee's favorite Dead line is "Too much of everything is just
> enough", from the song "I Need a Miracle". And if you've spent the time to
> read this far, it's a miracle.
> ----
> All joking aside  – this coronavirus thing is serious. Take care of
> yourselves so we can work each other many more times. Stay home, wash your
> hands, and thank the medical professionals, grocery-store workers, package
> deliverers, and other essential personnel keeping things going while
> putting themselves at risk.
> 73 and stay safe,
> Doug K1DG
> p.s. A tip of the Pd'A Beret to N0AX for a few rule suggestions. The roll
> of two-ply is on the way.
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