[CQ-Contest] Rule Changes for the CQ WW WPX SSB and CW Contests in 2021 (RE: OH1NOA reply)

Douglas Zwiebel dougzzz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 16:02:43 EST 2020

Timo sed:

I don't understand this at all as same time this contest has
> Classic-overlay. Do they mean that: "Classic overlay is a whismy and not a
> real class and is not needed to check for cheating"?

In other words, if....

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to draw the line between
assisted and unassisted operations as SDR technologies become more
integrated with contest software / networks

....why have any category or overlay which still includes "no assistance?"

This is a great question by Timo.

I have not been more than a casual and occasional entrant in WPX contests
after 2000, except for this year on CW, but I still have a strong interest
in the topic.

While I have been a member of the CQWW SSB/CW committee for over 40 years,
including a short stint as director, and I was also involved in WPX log
checking this year, my comments in no way should be construed to reflect
any official thinking on this topic.  These are MY comments.

I have noted that when comparing the assisted vs not-assisted categories in
WPX contests, that there is not a huge difference in scores/mults in the
all-band SOABHP categories for the top entrants.

Since one belief could be that "assistance doesn't matter" in terms of
score (for WPX), then that MIGHT be a reason for allowing everybody to use

However, it is abundantly clear to me that assistance does matter for CQWW
CW/SSB because one can easily see a difference in the multiplier counts.
That is, in a contest where multipliers do not continue to happen at a high
rate, even towards the end of the contest, then there is logic to keep the
two categories in place.

de Doug KR2Q

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