[CQ-Contest] DSP units with great noise reduction

John Geiger af5cc2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 16:12:53 EDT 2020

Thanks for the feedback so far. Those videos are rather impressive.  Other
than the FTDX3000, are there other radios out there that have very good
noise reduction circuits good at reducing the fatigue from listening to the
RFI crud out there?

73 John AF5CC

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 8:36 AM Martin, LU5DX <lu5dx at lucg.com.ar> wrote:

> Hello John,
> In my case I use several things.
> I have two noise cancelling units:
> QRM Eliminator by SP8RSM
> These are no DSP but rather X-Phase type.
> I owned a Timewave DSP599zx which worked okay in many aspects, like with
> no specific EMI sources.
> I sold it when I bought the FTDX3000D.
> This rig is great. I have tested it during SSB and CW contests. On CW with
> the optional 300Hz roofing filter it simply outperforms other rigs I have
> used like, IC7851, K3S, IC7700, IC7600.
> The noise reduction capabilities are pretty good.
> I think you may have to experiment fighting the QRM based on what's
> present at your location though.
> Eventually you may want to explore with software using Linrad for example
> as a last step in your noise-fighting artifacts chain.
> Some videos on YouTube that may give you an overview:
> QRM Eliminator:
> https://youtu.be/0KJai82eP2g
> https://youtu.be/efyJRS3jbOI
> Linrad
> https://youtu.be/rWm38BW2-TI
> I would really suggest you consider the DX Engineering NCC2
> Vy 73,
> Martín, LU5DX
> El mié., 21 oct. 2020 10:19 p. m., John Geiger <af5cc2 at gmail.com>
> escribió:
>>  I made a rather serious effort in the Illinois QSO party today since I
>> used to live in IL and know a few of the operators in the contest, plus it
>> is only an 8 hour effort-but I wish they would move it away from football
>> season!  Conditions weren't the best, but I was really suffering from
>> noise
>> on 40 meters-not one specific noise source, just the crud you get from
>> living in an urban neighborhood with lots of consumer electronics and
>> their
>> crummy switching power supplies and other noise makers.  I am sure I am
>> not
>> the only ham with this issue.  The noise reduction circuit in my current
>> rig didn't do the greatest on handling this noise.
>> One idea that came to me, that would be cheaper than a new rig (but less
>> fun) would be an outboard DSP unit.  Does anyone have any recommendations
>> on DSP units that have good noise reduction circuits?  I have seen some
>> reviews on the Clearspeech and GAP speaker units that said that after you
>> unkey after transmit you are hit with a burst of noise until the unit
>> readapts itself to the receiver noise. I don't want something with that
>> issue.
>> Recommendations?  Also, what radios are really good at dealing with this
>> type of noise.  I have seen the FTDX3000 and K3 mentioned as having great
>> noise reduction circuits.
>> 73 John AF5CC
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