RES file description

Jay O'Brien - W6GO
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 13:44:17 -0800 (PST)

Is there a definition of the "RES" file format published anywhere?  This
is the ASCII file you get when you run B2R9.EXE against a BIN file. 

I find nothing in ve7tcp's ftp site that seems to include such a 
definition.   I started to obtain all the 1995 archives to search for a 
reference to the RES format, but found the file transfer to my ISP to be 
VERY slow, so I stopped after the first two archive files.

The first 10 RES fields are pretty well self-explanatory.  A definition of
the remaining five fields would be most helpful in my project of importing
many BIN files into a common database.  It appears that there some fields 
are used in slightly different ways by the different contests, and I 
would like to sort that out.

In past contests, I have used K1EA's QSL program and pre-emptively QSLed
contest QSOs from W6GO.  I could justify that expense as I included a
reference to our QSL Manager list on the back of the cards, and I had a
machine that would put the QSO labels on the cards.  I routinely sent big
heavy boxes of cards to the outgoing bureau, and they did a great job for 
me. When a shipment came in from the bureau, I could ignore it, as I had
already sent out cards for every QSO (except to those I had already QSLed
that band/mode and to known contest stations that didn't want cards). 

Now that I'm "retired", however, I can't justify the expense, and W6GO
QSLs now only go out in response to QSLs received.  To make things easier
here, I want one BIG database with ALL of the QSOs.  It looks like the RES
file is the common denominator between the various contests, and I plan to
import them into a Paradox database. 

Does anyone have this format without resorting to bugging K1EA directly?

73, Jay

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