[ct-user] Sell my DVP too!

tbarnett@lexmark.com tbarnett@lexmark.com
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:21:47 -0500

I've got a DVP with the ICOM cable for my IC765.

I bought mine at Dayton years ago, and had hopes of using it for phone contests.
I tried a few contests with it, and I found that it was fine for CQing once 
the rate settled down, but getting to that point required 8+ hours of manual
fast-talking, and I couldn't hack it :-)

My old Heil went to the trashcan, and the only mike I have left is a hand-mike
for my OMNI6.  So this DVP is surplus, and I might as well sell it.
I'll try asking $125 shippd UPS, same as Peter.

By now you have figured out that my antennas are set for CW only...
Regards, Tyler Barnett N4TY

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