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Subject:  RE: [ct-user] CT ver. 9.33

On 15 December Ted K2QMF confirmed several problems that I also found with V9.33 and V9.32

Also, in the 10m contest, I ran the CT 9.33 network to maintain a running back-up file.
When I looked at the back-up computer, after solid running for the first few hours, I discovered that many of the contacts were missing on the back-up system. I immediately restored the log and software to CT V9.23 and all was fine again.

We should not be surprised by these new problems - It takes a brave person to move complex software to a new compiler, I am confident that the end product will be worth the initial pain.

By the way, congratulations to the champions who worked the 10m long path to Australia. The North American East-coast to VK 10m long path was wide open for more than two hours from 12:30 UTC - where were you?

73, John

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