[ct-user] QuickScore V1.3 supports new time format

John Loftus John Loftus" <John_Loftus@vettweb.net.au
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 23:07:55 +-1100

To all CT and Quick Score users,

Quick Score Version 1.3 recognises the new time format used in CT V9.34. 
Quick Score also shows which time format is used by any CT.BIN file.

If you need to read a new time format CT.BIN file with an earlier CT version, 
then you will need to run the CT_TIME.EXE program. For example:

At the DOS level, the command CT_TIME CQ98CW 420 can be used to add 
seven hours to your contest file (CQ98CW in the example above). This will 
restore the date and time to the original format.

There are several reasons why you may want to do this.

After a contest, you may wish to import the data into a main logging 
program that only recognises the original time format.

During a contest, you may encounter a problem while operating with a 
new CT Beta version, and need to revert back to an earlier CT version 
which uses the original time format. In this situation, it may be a good 
idea to have the command close at hand.
CT_TIME your_file_name 420.

The CT_TIME.EXE file should be in your CT directory.

Details of other new items in QuickScore V1.3 can be found at the RadioSport home page.

The following steps will guide you through the download process.
Using your normal web browser:

1. Go to the home page: http://www.uq.net.au/radiosport/
2. On the contents page click your mouse pointer on "Contest Software"
3. On the RadioSport - Software page click your mouse on "download QuickScore

Your browser should identify the file qs.zip and automatically commence 
FTP downloading procedures.

With a special thank you to Ken (K1EA) for details of the data structure for the 
new time format, and all who given direct feed back on QuickScore.

John, VK4EMM

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