[ct-user] ct 9.38 and Icom 775DSP

Va3mg@aol.com Va3mg@aol.com
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 19:47:07 EST

I am using a new  Icom 775DSP which replaces my TS950SDX.  I can not have the
Icom 775DSP run properly with CT 9.38 or earlier ver.  It will not read the
proper band being used.  If i change bands with the alt key it keeps going
back to 20 mtrs when trying to log.  the only way to get around the problem is
to show NO RADIO connected in the set up.  Has anyone used CT with Icom 775DSP
with the same problem?  If you are using the Icom 775DSP with no problem I
wonder if you could let me know your settings for CT and the Icom baud rate
etc.  The write up for the fixes states that the Icom problem was fixed but I
don't know what the problem fixed was.  Can anyone out there help or shed som
light.  Thanks.

Marcel VA3MG

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