[ct-user] last minute help!

Scott Bullock Scott Bullock <sales@advantagecomm.net>
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 19:07:45 -0500

Well, here I am again, outta time and the last thing I needed to get ready
was my  CT logging, I bought CT last year (9.33) and had the problem with
the leading character length when using the "+" feature to auto-reply/qrz
in cw after a contact. I downloaded 9.39 last night figuring it would be a
snap to upgrade, but after I unzipped it and tried to run it, the computer
(386sx16) locked up without loading anything.

Thinking it was a bug, I tried 9.37b and 9.35 with the same results.
Sometimes it locks up without loading, sometimes the computer just reboots
by itself.  If I go back to 9.33 off my original disk, it loads fine.  My
pentium office machine loads and runs them all. I checked autoexec and
config.sys files already, they are barebones with just himem.sys.

HELP! :) What version CT can I find and run that will work without the cw
problem previously mentioned. I don't use rig or rotor control, just lpt1
cw keying and a tnc on com1.
Thanks in advance!

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