[ct-user] brain dead

Gary Yantis Gary Yantis" <gyantis@midtec.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:46:42 -0600

Before this starts a long thread on the evils of running CT in a Windows
shell, I suggested that K4OJ do that only to see if his internal speaker
problem somehow had something to do with Windows (very unlikely but I was
running out of suggestions).  What he did not re-copy was a couple of
sentences from me saying it is never a good idea to run CT in a Windows
shell and to only do this one time as a test.  If he has been a subscriber
to this reflector for very long he already knows to run CT in DOS mode only.
So he's innocent.  I'm still guessing his problem is that his internal
speaker has come unplugged from the motherboard but I've not heard back from

As I wrote in one long thread last year where several users swore they had
no problem running CT in a Windows shell and never had it lock up in a
contest -- "they are truly blessed".  For the rest of us in the real world
of sudden unexpected IRQ and port conflicts we run CT in a Windows shell
only at great risk and probable disaster.

Gary, W0TM
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