[ct-user] CT9.5 Problem on 386 PC

dicso123 dicso123@hotmail.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:17:56 -0400


I wanted to dedicate an older 386 PC to contest operation, and other =
radio tasks, in two separate locations. I installed CT9.5 and had =
"lock-up" and "signoff" problems on both PCs. =20

First evidence of a problem occurred when I hit the 'Tab'  instead of =
'Enter' to move from Callsign to other data fields. The cursor jumps to =
the time field and cannot be moved or reset except by rebooting the PC.  =
 In addition, I set up a 'TEST' contest in CT but Alt-X would not create =
files before  exiting.   An error message indicated problem with =
CT doesn't have an uninstall utility (?) so I deleted CT and reinstalled =
it but still have the problem. BTW, I have working CT9.5 running on a =
486 and HP Pavillion PCs. =20

What am I doing wrong? =20

Thanks , Jim K2SZ

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