[ct-user] FW: CT 9.89 and MFJ-434

LU1BJW - Horacio lu1bjw at amsat.org
Fri Sep 19 20:48:16 EDT 2003

I´ve being using the CT V. 9.75 with the MFJ-474 Voice Keyer
for several contests.
Last weekend I´ve tried to work the WAE contest using these
device but it wasn´t working.
The only thing I have changed on my station since the last time
 I used it was the Windows software, from Win 98 to 2000 Pro.
I´ve checked:
The LPT1 connection from the MFJ to the PC.
I run the MFJ self-test.
I downloaded the latest version of CT (8.89) just in case 
my old one do not fix with Win 2000.
I tried to restart the PC with the Voice Keyer and the rig on,
and at the beginning the Play led starts to blink and when I push
the F1 key several times you can hear the MSG 1.
After I stopped the MSG with the STOP button on the MFJ, the PLAY
led stops blinking and is stays on, but there is no answer to my F1 
key .
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance
Horacio - LU1BJW

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