[na-user] NA serial number bug ?

Jim Pratt Jim Pratt <n6ig@netcom.com>
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:36:40 -0800 (PST)

I used two computers networked, single op, for the Sprint the way I 
always do with CT.  After the first hour, with over 100 QSOs showing on 
both screens (the logs were in sync, in other words), I made my first 
band change from 20 to 40.  I called a station and started giving my 
report. Imagine my surprise to see that the serial number being sent to 
him was #1, even though the QSO number on that line was over 100!!

This seems to be the scenario:

The first QSO you make on a second computer on a second band in the 
Sprint (perhaps in all serial numbered contests) gives the next serial 
number for that band!  From then on, as long as you stay on that band the 
numbers stay in the proper order.  They ALWAYS log with the correct 

In other words:

Log shows last QSO in log was K8CC on 20 as number 150.  The last QSO made 
on 40 sent number 125.  I find I need to work W1AW on 40 and enter 
the callsign into log position number 151 and call.  Upon hitting "INS" 
or "F2", W1AW gets sent number 126!  If I log it, the log shows W1AW as 
my number 151 on 40!

So, I quickly learned that the first QSO I made after a "quick second 
radio QSY", I had to send the information by hand.  Needless to say, this 
kind of put a crimp into my two-radio effort and threw me off course.

Also, another odd thing...on one computer, F11 and F12 wouldn't work, 
forcing me to use the alternative two-key wipe commands.  BUT, after a 
while, F11 and F12 STARTED WORKING in the middle of the contest!  I guess 
things just needed to heal themselves...

BTW, I have used the same two computers for years with CT and have never 
experienced either of those two issues, so I seriously doubt it is a 
hardware issue...things just seem pretty unstable.  Sometimes the program 
just won't communicate with the rig, for example.  The fix is to drop out 
and bring the program back up, then all seems OK.

Used V 10.35.

73, Jim  N6IG

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