[NA-User] WIQP multipliers

Peter E. Beedlow nn9k@arrl.net
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 14:14:45 -0600

In checking the listing of multipliers on the Wisconsin QSO Party home page
I find that they are recommending three letter abbreviations for the
counties-IRO equals Iron, SHE equals Sheboygan and so forth.

Looking at the WICTY.MLT file in NA 10.54 I see that it is using four letter
abbreviations-IONE equals Iron, SHEB equals Sheboygan and so forth.

Looks to me like we are going to have some logging problems! And it is a
definite concern to me since I plan to invade Wisconsin again this year but
instead doing of my normal paper logging I am planning to computer log using

I probably will modify the WICTY.MLT file to reflect the recommended
abbreviations so don't get upset when I send SHE and you need to type SHEB
to make NA accept the county.

CU in the party.

Pete, NN9K