[NA-User] TO4T

John Schaffner Jr. - K8LN k8ln@neo.rr.com
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 21:35:33 -0500

 I have two questions ..........using version 10.52

 1. How do I get NA to count TO4T as a new mult?, if it is a new one. Was
 told it's FG
 2. Operating 40 meters with the Alert Mode set to "Your Band Only"  The
 spots that were above 7150 (might have been as high as 7200) mhz durning
 ARRL DX SSB test would show up in the Announcements window, but everything
 spoted on the cluster between 7000-7150 would not. Changing the Alert to
 "All Bands" the spots showed up. The problem is that there are so many
 that the 40 meter ones scroll out of the window. Had to use the band map to
 see what was going on. This only happens on 40. Durning the contest some cw
 spots were shown on 10/15/20, but nothing on 40.