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Skip Cameron scameron@austin.rr.com
Sun, 06 Oct 2002 11:53:25 -0500

The posting from Courtland - KA5S prompted me to look further into Power Line
based broadband communications. here is what I found at

"Soon after the first trials of Digital PowerLine in the UK, some unanticipated
problems arose. Certain radio frequencies were suddenly deluged with traffic,
making it impossible to transmit on those frequencies. BBC, amateur radio, and
the UKs emergency broadcasting service were affected. The apparent culprits
were standard light poles. Then it became clear that by pure chance British
light poles were the perfect size and shape to broadcast Digital PowerLine
signals. This situation posed problems not just because of the frequencies
involved but also because anyone could listen in on the traffic. Nor.Web is
addressing the problem by proposing to lease the frequencies involved from their
owners and offering amateur radio operators a new frequency. Negotiations on
this topic are currently taking place in London. The privacy issue has not been
fully addressed at this point, besides suggestions that all  sensitive
information should be encrypted."

Looks like we're in for a new round of RFI interference from our power

Skip W5GAI
Austin, Texas

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> Message: 1
> Reply-To: ka5s@earthlink.net
> From: "Cortland Richmond" <ka5s@earthlink.net>
> To: "rfi" <rfi@contesting.com>
> Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 17:56:59 -0700
> Subject: [RFI] PLC in the USA
> Current Technologies is deploying a PLC system "that can transform an
> electric distribution network into a broadband communications platform. "
> Utilities mentioned are Pepco and Cinergy, in Maryland and Ohio
> respectively, with 100-residence, six month tests announced in June of this
> year.
> See the Current Technologies Web page at www.currentechnologies.com .
> Cortland
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> Message: 2
> From: "Paul J. Pagano" <wa4aa@netscape.net>
> To: <rfi@contesting.com>
> Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 08:04:23 -0400
> Organization: Home Office Computer
> Subject: [RFI] Ford 2002, 4.6L, V8, Coil on Plug, RFI
> I've read "e-ham" postings on Ford's Coil on Plug Technology with much
> interest. I have just completed a mobile HF installation in a 2002
> Mountaineer. It has the 4.6 L, V-8 engine in it and it delivers a solid S-9
> ignition noise on whichever band I've hooked up a resonant antenna. This is
> the 3rd Ford mobile installation I've completed. The first two were Ford
> Explorers, both V-8's, (1996 and 1999) having no noticeable RFI. I've
> enjoyed hassle free mobile HF for 6 years. Hopefully I can find some help
> from the "county hunter" hams.
> I ordered 16, snap-on, split, ferrite beads from Amidon. I placed one around
> each, of two wires, located above each spark plug. It did not help at all.
> Have any of you received confirmation from other Ford Motor owners,(same
> engine and year) that this solved their RFI problems, specifically ignition
> noise?
> Ground strapping everything is my next step! I'm not sure how to go about
> grounding all the side panels and doors. The vehicle is leased and I can't
> drill any visible holes. Can anyone reference an established procedure for
> this strapping process?
> I am sharing this message with all members of the Forum; as I'm interested
> in hearing from any 2002 Ford owners who've had this problem and have
> successfully resolved their RFI issues. Thanks in advance for your useful
> comments. Please e-mail any helpful recommendations to me at: wa4aa@arrl.net
> Thanks again and again....Paul
> Paul J. Pagano
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