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There are a number of BLP architectures. Some use fiber to get signals to a neighborhood, then a combination of the medium voltage lines on the poles and the low voltage lines in the house to get to the computers. Others use the MV lines, then 802.11 to get to the house. Others use both the low voltage and MV lines.

I have heard BPL signals in the 3 test areas I have visited.  The worst of them was just as bad as I had calculated it would be. 

See http://www.arrl.org/bpl. Right now, it links to my big resource page, but a shorter article should be up there soon. It is written, but clearing the "policy" hurdles as we speak. (Dave Sumner is in Geneva and Jim Haynie is probably on his way back to Dallas after testifying about Amateur Radio before Congress today. I listened to what he said and was proud to be an amateur and ARRL supporter!)

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> I'm under the impression that PLC will be used only to carry the
> connection on the secondary - i.e. from the low voltage side of the
> transformer into the home. (That's bad enough.)
> Will PLC be used to transport signals on the primary (HV) side? 
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