[RFI] Odd QRM at AC0X

Dohmen, Ron - Deltec ron.dohmen at deltec.com
Thu May 22 08:30:27 EDT 2003

One of the members of our DX club is having trouble identifying QRM at his
QTH.  Can you help identify this QRM?
Here is a copy of an email he sent to our reflector.

73 de Ron  N0AT

 Here's some links to some of the recordings of the QRM I spoke about in
 today's meeting. Any help in IDing this would be VERY appreciated.

 http://www.ac0x.com/AC0X_QRM.wav (about 600kB file)
 http://www.ac0x.com/AC0X_QRM2.wav (about 250kB file)
 http://www.ac0x.com/AC0X_QRM3.wav (about 275kB file)
 http://www.ac0x.com/AC0X_QRM_AM.wav (about 265kB file)

 1) It can be heard ALL OVER the HF spectrum, although it is stronger on
 20/17/15m, but I suspect that may have more to do with a better antenna on
 those frequencies than lower frequencies
 2) Signal strength varies between S2 to S8 on those bands, at different
 3) It can be heard 24/7
 4) It's best heard with the beam at 240 degrees.
 5) It's better heard on the T8 than the sloper (T8 is a higher antenna,
and the tower portion of the sloper is within 20' of the shack)
 6) It does NOT go away when I shut off all the computers in the house.
 7) I can't copy it with a Grundig YB-400 portable in front of the house.
 8) Although I can't run the Icom on DC power, I'm 99.99999% sure it's not
in the house, because if I walk all over the house with the Grundig portable
I can't find it.
 9) I've had this problem for quite a number of years, with different rigs,
 and pre-dating broadband Internet in the neighborhood.

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