[RFI] Odd QRM at AC0X

WX5L wx5l at charter.net
Thu May 22 09:53:27 EDT 2003

Hello Ron,

I listened to the .wav files. 

It sounds to me like a switching power supply and it's 
associated electronics components. So many possibilities 
but I've heard something simular to that. It was a 
swimming pool owner who had an electronic device that used 
pulses of DC current to break down rock salt into clorine. 

Since he can get a general location of the source he needs 
to expand his searce with the portable shortwave receiver.
Start walking into the 240 degree direction listening. 
These types of problems don't travel very far so it maybe 
closer than he might imagine but beyond his immediate 
front yard.

Would be interested in his findings.



>One of the members of our DX club is having trouble 
>identifying QRM at his
>QTH.  Can you help identify this QRM?

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