[RFI] DFing power line noise

Dave NØRQ n0rq-1 at dfwair.net
Mon Jul 19 12:23:50 EDT 2004

Any suggestions for dealing with a power company that CAN'T
do what Rick mentioned below -- that is, find the problem?

The local one here will try -- but they have no equipment to find
and fix the problem.  I've reported 3 problems to them that
they've fixed so far -- 2 of them by replacing the entire (rotten)
pole, and 1 by me identifying the pole, and then standing under
it (with my FT-50 on AM mode and a handheld beam), listening
while they tightened everything they could find.

I've since identified a set of poles that happen to be in private property,
so I can't identify the specific poles.  The utility is in essence clueless
(toolless, really) about what to do.  I've written a nice letter,
explaining their responsibilities, but nothing so far -- and any other
suggestions would be appreciated.

If they won't buy the equipment they need, what are next steps?
Report to ARRL, or to FCC?


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> First, rotate your beam and determine direction from that.
> Second, get a handheld scanner with AM capability and a
> whip antenna, and walk the power line.  You'll be able to
> hear the bad pole when you get near it.  Check a lot of
> different frequencies for best results.  The whip antenna is
> best for finding the basic area of the noise.  Then you
> can switch to a VHF Yagi and try to pinpoint it if you
> want, or let the power company do that.  You just need to
> get them within a pole or two and they'll take over.
> Rick N6RK

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