[RFI] "The Socialized Power Grid"

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Sat Apr 23 08:14:40 EDT 2005


I sent a note to Sudeep Reddy, the reporter who covered
the TX State Senate committee vote, allowing a BPL bill
to come to the state senate floor.

His reportage was straight-factual stuff.  They spun, and
he dutifully recorded.

In my note, I attempted to alert him to factual areas which
would require some reportorial enterprise in future.  I would
discourage our community from bombarding the reporter with
notes slamming BPL.  

Of note in the story, though:

A legislator or industry guy estimated $300-500M as investment 
required to provide 70-80% coverage. The argument supporting BPL 
is usually the last 5% or so, who are not served by cable.

If 80% coverage will cost $500M, then I would guestimate the
remaining 20% will cost something close to $2.0B.  Certainly
well north of a Billion.  And, of course, nobody would pay
the resulting rates.  

"The Socialized Power Grid" is a charming expression.  Fertile,
in so many ways.  None more fertile than the immediate area around
the TX state legislature, however.   

Be careful where you step, down there in Tejas!  

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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