[RFI] [TowerTalk] "The Socialized Power Grid"

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I'm a fan of Molly Ivins.  She's a hoot.
But then, the Tejas 'lege' gives her plenty
of material.

Bill, how does direcway handle the back-channel?
via dialup?  Or do you actually have satellite UPlink, too?

If the government wanted to incent land based broadband to
the final 5% of the population, all they have to do is
assert a tax on telco service, and mandate that the telcos
provide DSL throughout their network, with a 2 or 3 year
rollout timetable.

THAT would be intelligent policy making.

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I am one of those so served. The local phone "service" says "we have no
plans to extend higher speed connections into that area". I am doing very
well for both TV coverage and Internet service with satellite links. The
cost is a little higher, but the coverage is good. I am in a rural area,
but we do have underground phone service, municipal water, and power, with
maintenance better than in town. My nearest neighbor is over a half mile
away, and it is 1650 feet from my water meter to my house.

separate subject-- the Texas Legislature, or "The Lege" as Molly Ivins
calls it. If you really want to get your laughs from the idiocy of this
bunch of idiots, see any column by this outstanding journalist. She is good.

At 09:24 AM 4/23/2005 -0500, j4976 at juno.com wrote:

>What I don't ever hear mentioned is that those 5% who do not have cable
>or a phone line suitable for DSL can get high speed internet service via
>satelite.  Its very common and affordable outside the US, but here, no
>one wants to talk about it.  There's just no reason for BPL in its
>current format.

Bill Aycock - W4BSG
Woodville, Alabama

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