[RFI] TX Senate BPL vote

jimjarvis@comcast.net jimjarvis at comcast.net
Mon Apr 25 18:45:46 EDT 2005


Sudeep Reddy msg'd me back on my note--thought you might
find the tone of his note interesting.  Professional.  Sympathetic.
Aware.    See below.  Of particular note was the lack of amateur
protests to the committee.



Thanks for your note.  I do plan on following up on some of these issues
(especially the technology questions) if this legislation continues moving
forward.  Last week's story was merely meant to note the bill's passage so
that folks could weigh in if they wanted.  I'm somewhat surprised that the
objectors (especially the radio operators) haven't testified in front of the
Senate committee to raise some alarms.  I'm aware of the interference
questions and fully expected some public screaming matches.  But alas, there
was silence.

As for the socialized grid, I think Smitty meant that the grid is socialized
in the sense that everybody pays for it now through electricity charges.
Everybody wouldn't necessarily pay for BPL, at least in this version of the
bill.  I don't know why investors would put up the billions for it as
wireless technology advances.  But I guess some people haven't learned from
the last telecom bust.

Take care,

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