[RFI] I will have you arrested

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Tue Feb 9 16:53:33 PST 2010

I believe that it is technically true that if their
interference is "jamming" any commercial or non-profit or 
other government-sanctioned "broadcast" signal they are in
violation of international treaties as well as federal law.

While such is a long-shot, a pattern of willful disregard
to the resolution of such well-documented reports might be
considered grounds for legal action based on said broadcast
"jamming" -- but it would have to be initiated by a radio or
TV station as they would be the ones with the legal standing
to sue -- you could, however, file a "friend of the court" 

BTW:  I am not an attorney, nor to I play one on tv.

 > Kelly Johnson wrote:
> I have several pages of documentation of every call I've made, every
> case # I've opened, etc.  I also have a video showing the interference
> on a "bad day" vs a "good day".  It's a video tape of my radio's
> S-Meter with audio indicating the loud powerline noise.  The S-Meter
> shows S0 on a "good day" and S9+ on a "bad day".  My interference is
> somewhat sporadic.  It is there almost without fail in the summer
> anytime temps > 70 or 80 degrees.  It is minimal during the rainy
> season (ie. now).  The ARRL wrote them a letter a year or two ago and
> that lit a fire under their butt to get them out the next week,
> but...they still didn't fix it and still haven't.  Yes, I may have to
> get ARRL to send out another letter soon.


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