[RFI] UPDATE: New annoying noise just started

Brendan Minish ei6iz.brendan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 13:22:06 PDT 2011

It Seems to me that It's not appropriate to have a go at the ARRL's EMC
volunteers like this in a public forum where they will have no
opportunity to tell their side of this case. If there's an issue with
how you feel they have handled something then take it up with the

We also have no insight into the advice they gave you and if it was
carefully followed.

As an EMC volunteer for the IRTS most cases I have dealt with to date
have been entirely resolvable to everyone's satisfaction by coaching the
Victim in how to diagnose and locate the noise source by email and
telephone along with follow-up on how to effectively mitigate the

On the occasions when I have made home visits to further assist, many of
these could have been entirely avoided had the complainant actually
taken the time to carefully follow all the advice given. I do try to
explain WHY each step is necessary. 

Things that spring to mind.

Shack PC generating the noise, missed in the Shut off the power to the
house test because it's on a UPS and "it didn't used to be noisy so why
bother" Didn't bother to mention it on the phone or in email as 'sure'
that the problem is next door. That one cost me a 1/2 day and around €40
of fuel.

Various things diagnosed as power line noise when they weren't, Again
the real issue here is assuming the outcome will be 'X' so skipping
important parts of the diagnosis process you are being asked to follow.
This gets much more serous once significant utility company time has
been wasted 'resolving' an issue not of their making, this kind of thing
does not help the relationship between the utility company and

Brendan EI6IZ 

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