[RFI] Question for all and ARRL

David Cole dave at nk7z.net
Mon May 19 21:48:37 EDT 2014

Hi Paul,

That is exactly my concern, thank you for the legal view on it.  Can you
think of any way in which this could be approached?  I have also
contacted the ARRL Volunteer Attorney, whom I know as well.  What a
sticky mess this stuff is...  I just want to use my radio!  Thank you
for your time in this BTW.
Thanks and 73's,
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On Mon, 2014-05-19 at 14:21 -0600, Paul Christensen wrote:
> > It would be nice if the ARRL would ask their Attorney about question 1,
> > and post the response here in addition to anyone who might be an
> > attorney speaking out.
> I doubt the ARRL's legal counsel would issue an opinion as to question 1. 
> I'm an attorney but you're dealing with matters of both federal and state 
> law -- and they sometimes conflict with one another.   Just because your 
> state may allow certain use of a controlled substance for medicinal purposes 
> does not automatically mean you can aide in the production of a controlled 
> substance.  You may not think your involvement with RFI filtering is aiding, 
> but the law may state otherwise.
> Rendering an opinion on a state law matter must come from an attorney 
> licensed in the state of the matter in question.   Any state-licensed 
> attorney can potentially answer questions of federal law.  I would seek an 
> Oregon-licensed attorney to answer this question.
> Paul, W9AC
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