[RFI] Laser Christmas Lights

John DeGood jdegood at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 07:20:13 EST 2015

Amazon subsidiary Woot! is selling the Gemmy LED LightShow Projection
Kaleidoscope in the USA for $14.99:


73, John NU3E

On 12/3/2015 7:59 PM, Greg's wrote:
> These were purchased at Lowes Canada. I would think they'd be available at Lowes USA, but perhaps they are Only in Canada....and that would be a good thing for US radio listeners.
> Here is the product info:
> "LED Lightshow"  Projection Stake Light
> Item# 0665508
> Model # 38224
> Made in CHINA
> Patent Pending
> Lightshow name is a trademark of Gemmy Industry Corp. USA,
> 117 Wrangler Drive, Ste 100
> Coppell TX, 75019
> Www.gemmy.com
> Although it is called an LED projection light, I seem to recall seeing a laser light warning on the cord, (sorry, I am not able to verify at this moment)
> The box shows an ETL "c" Intertek Laboratory Listing. 
> I do recall the device had  the usual FCC part 15 notice sticker. (Devices in Canada are never labeled with the equivalent Industry Canada Interference Notice)
> I will forward a complaint to Industry Canada, however the extremely under-funded Department has basically washed its hands of all RFI complaints, unless affecting the Navigation or Emergency Services.
> Please let us know if you do find them in the US, and/or your experience with other "laser projection" devices.
> 73
> Greg

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