[RFI] Interesting Observation...

Dave Cole (NK7Z) dave at nk7z.net
Sat Nov 11 19:34:36 EST 2017

Hello all,

I had an interesting event last night...  We had a power fail, and I had 
my EMCOM equipment in place in short order, so I was able to bring up 
the entire station.  I got a chance to look at my base RFI levels, with 
most of the houses for a few blocks radius around me without power.

My base RFI levels on 40 were around S4 to S5, (6BTV), during the power 

Once the power came back, they increased only a single S unit, bringing 
my RFI base level to S5 to S6.

Given that five years ago the base RFI level here were on teh order of 
20 over S9 due to several grow operations close by, I have finally 
gotten the chance to see just how effective five years of RFI hunting, 
and knocking on doors has been!

I know how to get another S unit reduction, there is a grow op several 
blocks from me causing about one S unit of increase across the board. 
He looks to be moving, so I will leave well enough alone for a while.

Just thought I'd share the opportunity for a base line RFI check with 
most of the really local sources gone.  Having a K3 and using the band 
scope is a dream for tagging RFI sources...

73s and thanks,

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