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No, I did not contact Maytag.  HOWEVER, when it came to the Panasonic
PLASMA television, I did a complete set of measurements using good HP
equipment, wrote a formal report, and sent it to Panasonic.  As a result,
they recognized the problem, took the set with no further questions asked,
and refunded my purchase price, including state tax.  TV's and radios ARE
regulated by the FCC under Part 15, Subpart B.  One less plasma TV to cause

The reason I did not complain to Maytag was that FCC specifically EXCLUDES
home appliances from any requirements or testing.  Appliances have free run
to include as many as they please totally unregulated "with love, from
China" switchers.

Again, when we had task lighting installed in the 'TV' room, they turned
out to be 12-vac lamps.  No surpirse.  Of course, they were powered by an
"electronic transformer' which we all know is NOT a transformer but a
switching AC/AC converter.  It took me 10-hours online (with breaks and a
night of sleep) to finally trace down the supplier of the 'electronic
transformers'.  I know that the lighting industry is held to FCC
regulations and testing requirements.  So, I finally contacted them and
their reply, you'll get a kick out of this: "Oh,....you want the FCC
'transformer' ".  Well, yes!!!!  Turns out they had only some 7 in stock as
there 'isn't much demand for them'.  AND.....the price........hold your
breath..........$85 EACH and I needed two.  The 'with love, from China'
units - originals - were $12 each, if I wanted to replace them.
NO......!!!!  Here's my credit card and send two of the "FCC
transformers".  They were fully aware of the problem, but cheap is in and
they ship the "with love, from China" units with the lighting fixtures.
This has become so common I just keep our own home as clean as possible and
give up for the rest of the world even though I have a small business
addressing regulatory requirements for EMC/RFI.  I've caught a few, but the
report was shoved in some nondiscrete dusty drawer in the back room.  One
of the cases actually went to court, but thats all I better write.

Dave - WØLEV


On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 9:53 PM, Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com>

> On 1/27/2018 11:24 AM, David Eckhardt wrote:
>> We bought the 'industrial' Maytag brand washer and dryer.  They both
>> produce a lot of RFI on HF.  However, wash only once or twice a week, but
>> it does interfer with my HF radio astronomy ventures quite badly, but easy
>> to detect as its on or off - step function in the RFI.
>> Where is the FCC????
> Essentially powerless, thanks to "small government" with no staff to
> enforce their Rules, and with Rules that make it easy to sell stuff that
> violates those Rules.
> But, more to the point, where are YOU?  Did you complain to Maytag about
> the problem and demand that they fix it or take it back?  As we learned 50
> years ago in the civil rights movement, "if you're not part of the
> solution, you're part of the problem."
> 73, Jim K9YC
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