[RFI] Looking for SDR captures of RFI

Dave Cole (NK7Z) dave at nk7z.net
Mon Jun 3 20:35:55 EDT 2019


I am still looking for SDR captures of RFI for my RFI signature page at:


If you have any images of RFI, from a KNOWN source, please send me a 
copy for the signature file.  Please include any additional information, 
like how you captured it etc.  SDR screen captures, are OK, I will clean 
the image up if it needs it.  Elecraft P3 views are good as well...

Please send to dave at nk7z.net, not the list...

73s and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Technical Specialist
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resource

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