[RFI] FCC Complaint Filing

Gary Johnson gwj at wb9jps.com
Sat Nov 23 01:15:18 EST 2019

Brad, there is no reason for you to deal directly with the FCC. Waste no more time. Call Ed Hare on the phone. Get things squared away with the ARRL lab and they will start the formal complaint process at no charge. That’s what they did for me and it went very quickly. That letter from the FCC finally forced my neighbor to do what I had said he would have to do, months prior. 

Gary NA6O

> I started an "Informal complaint" as the FCC's website implied that's where
> you start.  I can certainly file a "Formal" complaint, however that requires
> an upfront fee of $250 as well as legal representation at some point in the
> process for both parties.  If I get no response from the informal complaint,
> then I will continue down that road.
> Brad, N8GLS

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