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This cannot be emphasized enough -- doing any repairs to neighbors' equipment can carry  a risk of liability.  This is especially true for any device where  malfunction such as this may cause a fire.  A stove turning on by itself is as major a risk as i can imagine, as I think about the number of times a stove has been used to hold a pizza box or other flammable items are placed on or near it.

I usually feel pretty comfortable adding external filters to routine appliances, although if that tv set ever does catch fire -- and they can -- someone may decide that it's because of that doohickey that you put on the TV.  Even when that 20-year old TV finally gives up the ghost, they my blame you and want the new 60" flat-screen model, please.

When it comes to interference caused by your fundamental signal overloading neighboring equipment, you are first and foremost a locator of solutions, not a providor of solutions.


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Please do not  open the stove or do anything internal.
 First off this is critical to safety. The RFI can do a lot more than just make noise  or flash lights.

I have a recent case in the ARRL RFI database when a Hams neighbor was having his Samsung Gas stove turn on the oven  in the middle of the night.
This happened to coincided with the Ham operating a 20 meters CW on a schedule.
You do not want to have any liability for going inside off this stove..
Call Samsung ,,
Cal me at the number below and we can talk about this.

Here is the model number of the stove that would turn on based on RF.... Samsung Gas Range, Model NX58H5600SS/AA
I also have several other cases of RFI ingress to the same model number.

In the local case above Samsung replaced the stove..
Please give me a call.


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We recently purchased a new spiffy oven with lots of bells and whistles. There is a great touch pad to control all the nifty functions and it works well. The oven does not interfere with my station BUT....
When I transmit at low power the oven beeps (the same beeps as the touch pad). If I run high power it becomes hysterical and sometimes locks up requiring a power down and restart. I have pulled the stove out and installed several clamp on toroids on the power cord to no effect. I have traced the wiring and I think it is on a dedicated circuit that runs back to the breaker box.

Interestingly, it has a “lock” function that disables the key pad and locks the over door shut. You can not use the oven with this engaged. But, I don’t affect the oven with the lock function engaged. I can live with this but can envision my lovely wife wanting to use the oven while I’m banging away in a pileup or contest. So, domestic bliss is the driver for my query.

It is a Samsung gas oven. If any one has any experience or ideas I would be very interested. I am loath at this point to pull the back off to put toroids or bypass caps in.

73 Dan W8CAR
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