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Hi Steve, the problem with your A3S will be almost certainly the screws in 
the traps that secure the ends of the coils to the elements, they will have 
come loose. Although the element has a supporting guy to stop droop, as the 
beam comes to a halt it still tries to continue round. You will notice (well 
on my beam) that the screw heads on some have been ground right down so only 
a thin piece of metal is holding it in place, it has some tape wrapped round 
it. Maybe using high power they have experienced flash over. These screws 
will be suspect. I replaced all mine, and eventually dispensed with the 
add-on as it was getting a chore at my age continually taking the tower 
down, although it did work well.
Thanks for the q's you are always a good signal up here in North Lincs.
73 Pete G3KNU
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Subject: [RTTY] WAE RTTY ZC4LI Single Op HP

> Subject: WAE RTTY ZC4LI Single Op HP
>                    WAE DX Contest, RTTY
> Call: ZC4LI
> Operator(s): STEVE
> Station: ZC4LI
> Class: Single Op HP
> QTH: ESBA Cyprus
> Operating Time (hrs): 36
> Summary:
> Band  QSOs  Pts   QTCs  Mults
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>   80:  225   223   170   160
>   40:  443   440   402   162
>   20:  450   445   300   108
>   15:  355   353   260   110
>   10:      0      0       0      0
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Total: 1473  1461  1132   540  Total Score = 1,400,220 ish
> Club: ESBA
> Comments:
> SO1R {ATM}
> Antennas:-  C/Craft A3S @ 50ft  Titanex 160HD
> Amp:-       ACOM1000
> Rig:-         Icom 756 Pro3
> Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
> Condx were pretty good all round.
> My software WF1B let me down again for the 3rd year running
> and started to repeat the already sent Qtc's, which meant that
> I had to send around 500 Qtc's to myself to get back on track.
> I do not know what the problem is but you would have thought
> that I would have learned by now and got some new software !!
> A mini tornado took out the 20/15 and 10M bands on my A3S
> on sunday afternoon so that didn't help much either. Funnily
> enough the 40M add on wasn't affected, anyone got any ideas why ?
> So, it looks like mast down and some antenna work to be done
> b4 the CQWW CW.
> It is olive picking time here at the moment which is hard work
> and a PITA I would much rather be fixing the antenna. Got around
> 75 litres of oil last year from 24 trees but will only get around
> half that this year as there is a 2 year cycle, good year/bad year.
> But I digress.
> Best hour was 62.
> Gripes. {Tongue in cheek}
> Just the usual, guys sending my call repeatedly {I know my call}
> Guys working you then moving half a herz away and blasting you
> off the band.
> Guys who say ''Sorry no Qtc's'' what makes this such a good contest
> is the sending and receiving of Qtc's - why enter the contest if
> you are not going to do the Qtc's !!
> My current software sends mine twice just to make certain.
> It was good fun and thanks again to everyone, it's a lot better
> than picking bloody olives that's for sure.
> 73 and hope to cu in the next one,  Steve.
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