Steve **KT0DX** kt0dx at comcast.net
Sat Jul 10 21:52:20 PDT 2010

Thanks everyone for your input.  The Micro Keyer II arrived and I just 
about have it all configured up and my original problem is now gone.  
One thing I noticed with the installed MMTTY program (1.66G) on my 
computer was when I was first trying to get the FT5000 up and running 
with MMTTY was that the only radio under Yaesu was the FT1000MP.   I 
shut down the program and brought it back up and there was the rest of 
the Yaesu  radio's listed.  Not sure what happen but that is what lead 
me to think no support for this radio.
Sorry for yelling fire when there was no fire only a little smoke.


On 7/10/2010 14:18, Jim W7RY wrote:
> MMTTY is not radio specific. You can run it with ANY radio. What makes you say it won't?
> 73
> Jim W7RY
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>> Subject: [RTTY] FTDX 5000 and MMTTY/N1MM
>> I have moved from a FT1000MP to a FTDX5000 radio and now I have to
>> re-configure all my software for the new radio. With the FT1000MP I was
>> using N1MM and MMTTY with no problem. Now I wonder if I will be able to
>> use MMTTY any more since this radio is not supported in MMTTY. To be
>> honest I have not played with the set up above as I am awaiting a
>> Microkeyer II to replace the RIGBlaster plus that I now have.
>> Is there anyone on this reflector who has used the FTDX5000 on RTTY in a
>> contest who can give me an idea of what programs to use to get back into
>> the contest scene? I believe this issue may come up more often with new
>> radios appearing and MMTTY not keeping up with the changes. What I see
>> is needed is someone or a few people to team up and update MMTTY or
>> design a new RTTY decoder program or we could see a decline in RTTY
>> contesting from the people who upgrade radios to use the latest
>> developments to increase their score and enjoyment of RTTY contesting.
>> I may be all wet but from where I am sitting today I can not see any
>> other way around what could be a problem.
>> Steve
>> (KT0DX)
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