[RTTY] Dupes how to handle

Ian White GM3SEK gm3sek at ifwtech.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 01:34:07 PST 2012

>I don't do much contesting so when I do I use my HRD log and set up 
>macros to mimic what I see happening in the contest and I go slow 
>because that's just how I do it.
>The last time I tried a contest HRD was inconsistent on the check for 
>worked B4 so I was trying to work guys I had worked B4.   When I was 
>told I was a dupe I moved on and then manually checked the log and they 
>were in there.
>So maybe the problem is with logging software used by casual users like 
>Just an alternative view from someone who has been caught unaware that 
>I was a duper. :-)

That is a very good point. Many authors of digital and logging software 
are not contesters or DXers (the writer of HRD freely admits this) so 
the example macros that they supply are frankly awful. They also take no 
precautions to warn casual users that they have already worked a station 
in the very recent past.

It is those non-contesting, non-DXing software authors who would be the 
most productive target in our ongoing education campaign, so that casual 
users get a good default configuration right out of the box.

(Unfortunately, the last time I suggested that we "target the software 
authors", this seemed to be interpreted in certain quarters as 
advocating the use of live ammunition. I do hope it's clearer this time 
around  :-)


73 from Ian GM3SEK

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