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Signalink has a 3.5mm jack connected in parallel with the audio input.
Connect a 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo audio cable from the "AF Out" jack on
your MK V to that jack ... it will provide an alternate source of the
fixed level (Main and Sub Rx in stereo but Signalink will ignore the
sub RX audio).  If you can then receive RTTY, it will indicate that
the Audi out on your RTTY jack is bad (or the level pot is turned down
too far).  If you can't receive anything using the alternate connection
the problem will be in the Signalink or your windows configuration.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 5/16/2012 8:25 PM, Dick White wrote:
> Chen and all,
> My Signalink has been checked out and is working properly. The DIN is 5 pins
> and into the RTTY socket of the Mark-5. This the socket Tigtertronics say to
> use. I have been using it that way since last fall. I know the Signalink is
> AFSK only and has not been a problem. After two conversations with
> Tigertronics, they and I have come to the conclusion that you are correct in
> that the radio may not be sending out audio from the radio through the DIN
> connector. I do not have a scope, but I think someone in my club has one. I
> will check that as soon as I am able to get one. The cable has been checked
> and it is good (pins 1-1, 2-2 etc). There are no lose jumper wires as I use
> the new module instead and wires are not used.  The software is MMTTY 168A
> and N1MM. I have tried your suggestion about using a wide band width and
> nothing happened. I am not sure where to look to see if the tone pairs are
> the same. I am not ashamed to ask you how I do that :-)  My club NET meets
> tonight and I will ask for a scope to use.
> My thanks to all for your help.
> Dick   KS0M
> Richard C. "Dick" White
> Fulton, Missouri 65251 U.S.A.
> whiter26 at sbcglobal.net
> Amateur Radio Station:  KS0M
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> To: Dick White
> Subject: Re: [RTTY] reply to K0RC, WB5AAA, WM9Q
> Dick, I assume that your SignaLink is connected to the FT-1000MP's rear
> panel "PKT" DIN connector and with the Yaesu front panel switched to PKT
> mode, correct?
> The SignaLink is a sound card device and will only work with AFSK.  It will
> not work with the MP's RTTY mode, which has a different rear panel DIN
> connector, and for FSK.
> Your symptom appears to be not seeing any audio from that PKT connector
> (assuming thatyou have already switched the MP to PKT mode).  I would
> recommend using a scope (or a DVM set to RMS AC) to look at the DATA OUT pin
> of the PKT connector.
> For now, chose a large bandwidth, for example 2.4 kHz IF filters.
> With a strong signal, you should see an audio signal between 0.5 volt RMS to
> 1.5 volt RMS.
> If you don't something is wrong with the line output driver in the MP.
> If you do see an output on the scope, the problem is with the SignaLink or
> the software that you are using.  Make sure the rig and the software share
> the same tone pair (and why I suggested to use a 2.4 kHz filter to start).
> If your tone pairs match, it is time to debug the SignaLink.
> If you have an audio software scope program (I have written them for Mac OS,
> but you probably are not running the Mac since you use MMTTY).  There are
> plenty free ones on Windows, I am sure.  Use that to look at the sound card
> in the SignaLink (should appear as "Audio CODEC" or some name like that).
> If a software scope can also not see anything.  You problem has narrowed
> down to the signaLink or the cable to your rig.  There is a jumper block
> inside the SignaLink -- make sure it is wired for the FT-1000MP and no wire
> has fallen out.  Also open up the DIN connector of the SignaLink to make
> sure the DATA OUT pin is connected properly.
> Vy 73
> Chen, W7AY
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