[RTTY] Change in pileup procedure?

Steve IK4WMH ik4wmh at virgilio.it
Wed Feb 5 06:36:20 EST 2014

Hello Bill,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 1:53:48 AM, you wrote:

BT> I don't see that as a problem. Just sit on your (clear) frequency
BT> until one of thee things happens:

BT> If QRM appears, you can QSY immediately instead of wasting time
BT> competing with him.

I don't think that Sprint Contest approach is the best one.

I fail to understand how you can find a clear frequency in a
FT5ZM-like case.

I have been monitoring the pileup on their split frequencies, what I
have heard from here was a 20 or 30 kHz wide range packed with S9+

You may be able to find a clear frequency on the wider 10m or 15m
bands at the cost of going up near the SSB lower band edge (if allowed
by local regulations), I don't think it would work on tight bands like
20m and 40m.

If I can't find a clear frequency I probably won't be able to hear the
DX calling on my QRG because it usually has a much weaker signal than
that of the callers in the pileup.

73 es gl.

Steve IK4WMH

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