Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Fri Mar 3 17:26:50 EST 2006

Yes, thanks for the 40 mtr Q in the CW.  Hope for more bands in the 
SSB.  VP9/K9CC was also low pwr but seemed to have a little stronger 
signal.  Got him on 15 mtrs but did not hear you.  I will listen harder 
this weekend to be your NV Mult.
GL & 73

W6ph at aol.com wrote:

>I'll be back at VP9GE's place for ARRL SSB and will have an ear out for the 
>sixes (and 7's - K7ACZ, N7CW).  My radio is a new IC-7000 which works very 
>well.  If you can hear me, I can probably hear you.  It has a great receiver.  I 
>will be active on all bands and will be glad to QSY to another band for a quick 
>QSO if I don't have a great run going.  Generally, things slow down on Sunday 
>and it is easy to make a quick QSY if we have propagation.  Ten meters will 
>be a challenge.  There was only about two hours of propagation on Sunday of the 
>CW 'test.  Thanks for all the packet spots.  Good luck and have fun.
>                                                         73, Kurt, W6PH/1 (9F 
>last night in NH)
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