[SCCC] Honda Generator shut down / carb drain technique

H Lawrence Serra hlserra at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 9 10:44:34 PST 2012

It works! Smart engineer and contester Bob AA6PW tried it yesterday afternoon and it worked as described. (See below.) He wanted to know if anyone had had better luck with the fuel cap air valve shut down method, which didn't work for him.

73, Larry N6NC

Hi Larry,


I was anxious to try this out.  I had not drained the fuel from the
 generator since field day.  After work today I tried the easier method
 of shutting off the fuel cap vent and after letting the generator run 
for about five minutes, no luck and  went to the suggested method here 
of disconnecting the plug with the green and black wire.  Just as 
described after about two minutes the fuel burned out of the carburetor 
and the generator shut down.  Thanks for the tip.  Would be interested 
to know if anyone else has negative results with merely shutting off the
 fuel vent cap.




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