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Hi, Dino.

It's probably moot anyway, because I have never been able to get rule wording changes enacted before (although I will keep trying).  However, I had that wording in the suggested language to prevent one licensed op lining up ten unlicensed people in front of ten rigs and pretending to be the control op for them all.  HQ actually had a case in which four operators entered as 20A; the rules at the time did not explicitly prohibit the practice.

Thanks and 73,

Marty N6VI

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  Field Day allows for un-licensed operators operating under a control
  operator (that's a lot of "O's"). I'd drop "appropriately licensed

  For further discussion, there is a limit on the number of transmitters
  (transceivers?) operating on one band-mode at a time...

  "4. Entry Categories: Field Day entries are classified according to the
  maximum number of simultaneously
  transmitted signals...

  6. Miscellaneous Rules:

  6.3. Phone, CW and Digital (non-CW) modes on a band are considered as
  separate bands. A station may
  be worked only once per band under this rule.

  6.7. The use of more than one transmitter at the same time on a single
  band-mode is prohibited. Exception:
  a dedicated GOTA station may operate as prescribed in Rule 4.1."

  The key words here are "SIMULTANEOUSLY" and "AT THE SAME TIME". While
  the rules clearly state TRANSMITTING radios in rule #4, using two radios
  on a single band-mode AT THE SAME TIME (one TX and one RX) is open for
  interpretation. The rules say NO. Of course, they do say "transmitter"
  in 6.7. Is it only a transmitter when transmitting and a receiver when
  receiving...or do they mean "transceiver"?

  Again, my initial reaction was that a lock-out was not allowed. As I
  read the rules, I was right; but now I'm not sure.

  Dino - KX6D

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  Thanks, Mike.

  Here's the wording I'd like to see (assuming that is the actual intent
  of the rules):

   "Devices that allow one operator to key multiple transmitters
  simultaneously are not permitted. Each claimed transmitter in an entry
  category must be manned by a separate, appropriately licensed operator."


  Marty N6VI

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   I've heard through the grapevine, for example, that some serious 1A 
   entries use SO2R setups to increase rate, which is fine if allowed by 
   the rules. From what you say, Marty, it sounds like that is the case. 
   The current wording doesn't really make that very clear. In fact, it 
   seems to imply that an SO2R setup with lockout would be prohibited, so 
   it would be good to get a more concise wording.

   Thanks for chasing this down.

   73, Mike W4EF
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