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Dino, a lockout does nothing more than ensures that the idea of one
transmitted signal at a time is followed. It does nothing more and nothing
less. If I wanted to possibly be irresponsible as a SO2R / 2 Comp guy then
I would not own one. Without a hardware interlock you would eventually
transmit two signals. Some operators might then say they were M2 or they
might tell a little white lie and still claim SO2R. As the operator becomes
better and starts posting better scores the operator and or station owner
would come under increased scrutiny... especially if he started winning.
Enter the hardware interlock necessity for a highly competitive multi
single station or operator using two computers (not needed by single op two
radio one computer guys due to good SO2R boxes / software) as seen atthe
past WRTCs.

Field Day isn't always used as a highly competitive contest ground. The
vast majority of hams participating probably have never thought of doing
SO2R let alone wanting or needing a lockout. However, those interested in
practicing MS or SO2R / 2 Computers are definately not kept out of the

Does SO2R or doing MS with an interlock meet what most guys think about
Field Day? Most likely not. Setting up camp somewhere, having lots of ops,
low QSO counts, lots of experimental stuff, etc is probably what most
envision about Field Day. That is awesome and I have enjoyed my time in
those groups. However, there are also those who choose to push the
competitive edge in the same contest environment and enjoy making thousands
of QSOs in a very heavy rate environment. One of these days I will be one
of those guys who can post big numbers... in the meantime I had a lot of
fun using new technology under emergency power conditions within the full
understanding of the rules.

The question initially posed was a good one... now Marty has done a great
job in getting us the answer. Thanks for that information and excellent
discussion guys.


Tim /N6WIN
On Jul 9, 2012 7:45 PM, "Dino Darling" <dino at kx6d.com> wrote:

> Field Day allows for un-licensed operators operating under a control
> operator (that's a lot of "O's"). I'd drop "appropriately licensed
> operator."
> For further discussion, there is a limit on the number of transmitters
> (transceivers?) operating on one band-mode at a time...
> "4. Entry Categories: Field Day entries are classified according to the
> maximum number of simultaneously
> transmitted signals...
> 6. Miscellaneous Rules:
> 6.3. Phone, CW and Digital (non-CW) modes on a band are considered as
> separate bands. A station may
> be worked only once per band under this rule.
> 6.7. The use of more than one transmitter at the same time on a single
> band-mode is prohibited. Exception:
> a dedicated GOTA station may operate as prescribed in Rule 4.1."
> The key words here are "SIMULTANEOUSLY" and "AT THE SAME TIME". While
> the rules clearly state TRANSMITTING radios in rule #4, using two radios
> on a single band-mode AT THE SAME TIME (one TX and one RX) is open for
> interpretation. The rules say NO. Of course, they do say "transmitter"
> in 6.7. Is it only a transmitter when transmitting and a receiver when
> receiving...or do they mean "transceiver"?
> Again, my initial reaction was that a lock-out was not allowed. As I
> read the rules, I was right; but now I'm not sure.
> Dino - KX6D
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> Thanks, Mike.
> Here's the wording I'd like to see (assuming that is the actual intent
> of the rules):
>  "Devices that allow one operator to key multiple transmitters
> simultaneously are not permitted. Each claimed transmitter in an entry
> category must be manned by a separate, appropriately licensed operator."
> 73,
> Marty N6VI
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>  I've heard through the grapevine, for example, that some serious 1A
>  entries use SO2R setups to increase rate, which is fine if allowed by
>  the rules. From what you say, Marty, it sounds like that is the case.
>  The current wording doesn't really make that very clear. In fact, it
>  seems to imply that an SO2R setup with lockout would be prohibited, so
>  it would be good to get a more concise wording.
>  Thanks for chasing this down.
>  73, Mike W4EF
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