Dana Roode k6nr at arrl.net
Sun Oct 14 19:32:06 EDT 2012

                   California QSO Party

Call: K6VO
Operator(s): K6NR, NR7E, AF6GL, K6RBS, NJ6N
Station: K6NR

Class: M/SFixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 29

Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
 160:   13      15
  80:   78      95
  40:  106     202
  20:  260     290
  15:  236     293
  10:  148     165
Total:  841    1060  Mults = 58  Total Score = 269,294

Club: Southern Orange Amateur Radio Association


For the 10th straight year, the K6VO CQP group participated in CQP from my desert station near Victorville.  We had a slightly smaller group this time, but had fun nonetheless.  Conditions seemed good but our runs didn't last as long as in other years.  The graveyard shift was particularly lonely.  Still have bad QRN, apologies to the stations we could not pull out of the muck.  We worked 2 NT stations, both of which called us.

See you next year.

 Dana, K6NR

Station: K3 to AL-1200; 5L at 58' on 10 meters; 5L at 45' on 15; 4L at 60' on 20; 40m 4 square; 80m vertical; 160m inverted L.  A3 at 38' for good measure.

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